Nanoleaf: New LED panel series and smart lighting system

Nanoleaf: Neue LED-Panel-Serie und smartes Beleuchtungs­system

Nanoleaf: New LED panel series and smart lighting system
Picture: Nanoleaf

With the Nanoleaf Learning Series, Nanoleaf is announcing a new product range at CES that will turn the LED panels and new products into a smart lighting system. With these new products, Nanoleaf wants to tackle the sometimes complex topic of smart home in its own way. There is also a new panel series.

The learning system reacts to movements to always switch on the light even when the user has no hand free. Nanoleaf’s system bears the name “Learning Series” because it adapts to the daily rhythm of the user. For example, if he always goes to bed at around the same time and usually gets up at the same time, the system can automatically dim the lights from 11 p.m. and slowly switch on the lights again at 7 a.m.

The Nanoleaf Learning Series comprises a system of several products such as intelligent light switches, lights, push buttons and gateways that complement each other. Due to a mixture of the adaptation to the rhythm of the user as well as motion and light sensors, the system should not require manual intervention by the manufacturer and should not allow him to constantly use his smartphone or the voice assistant to control the light.

It is not yet known when which products of the new Nanoleaf Learning Series will be available in Germany and at what price.

Nanoleaf Unified Light Panels with different shapes

With the Unified Light Panels, Nanoleaf is also announcing a new series of its modular LED panels. This new product range will offer the greatest freedom of design to date. Positive for the buyers: The complete Nanoleaf Unified Light Panel series becomes interoperable, which also makes it possible to couple different panel shapes, which enables more extensive geometric shapes from different LED panels. The company will only gradually announce which forms Nanoleaf will publish for the new series later this year, for CES 2020 there is only a foretaste.

Nanoleaf hexagons
Nanoleaf hexagons

Nanoleaf hexagons
Nanoleaf hexagons

Nanoleaf canvas
Nanoleaf canvas

Because the Nanoleaf Unified Hexagons will be the first light panels in the Unified Light Panel line. The six sides of the hexagon offer a larger playing area to create your own geometric designs. The new honeycomb-shaped hexagon panels also offer an integrated touch function, are flatter than previous panels and have minimized dark corners. An improved mounting system is also designed to prevent damage to walls. Known functions such as the color scene creator, real-time music visualization, LayoutDetect technology and the screen mirror function will also be available for the Unified Hexagons.

The company has not yet announced a price for the Nanoleaf Unified Hexagons or an appointment for the start of sales.

ComputerBase received information about this article from Nanoleaf under NDA. The only requirement was the earliest possible publication date.


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