NASA signs SpaceX and Blue Origin to send more freight to the moon

NASA signs SpaceX and Blue Origin to send more freight to the moon

NASA has announced that it will cooperate with commercial space companies with high capacity rockets. NASA plans to send more loaded cargoes to the moon and will collaborate with SpaceX, Blue Origin and Sierra Nevada Corporation, where it has worked on other projects, as well as Ceres Robotics and Tyvak Nına Satellite Systems.

Companies participating in NASA's Commercial Lunar Payload Services program will be added to the nine companies previously included in the program. The goal of NASA is to be able to send cargo to the moon by collaborating with companies with different capabilities to carry scientific tools. So, people can be sent back to the moon in 2024.

Lunar payload commercial services have recently joined the program, up here under the program of 9 companies participating in the program that promised to carry heavier loads. In addition, companies registered in the program can carry up to 10 kg of freight. However, some of the new names added to the program suggest that it could carry several tons of charge on the moon.

With Vice President Mike Pence pushing NASA up, the organization is gearing up to send people back to the AY in the next four years and plans to do more research on the environmental factors of the Moon. . Likewise, this new mission will focus on the development of new technologies for future use. NASA plans to send a new vehicle called VIPER to the Moon so that it can explore the South Pole. VIPER should find a potential for water ice accumulated in the South Pole. In this way, the people involved in the task will receive resources.

Blue Origin recommends using Blue Moon on the moon, while SpaceX has announced that it will launch the Starship spacecraft in the testing process. Ceres Robotics aims to land on the Moon in 2023, while SNC announced that it would be ready for landing on the Moon in 2022. By the way, SpaceX stands out with its Starship spacecraft which has the largest load capacity. Starship is expected to land on the moon in 2022.

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