Nello bankruptcy: server shutdown makes cloud door opener unusable

Nello-Insolvenz: Ser­ver-Abschaltung macht Cloud-Türöffner unbrauchbar

Nello bankruptcy: server shutdown makes cloud door opener unusable

Already at the end of July, Nello, who had launched a product called nello one (test) with the smart door opener for the intercom system, had applied for bankruptcy, but wanted to attract new investors and continue operations – this has now failed and the startup shuts down on 18.10. the servers off.

The Munich-based Locumi Labs GmbH, which is behind the Nello brand, has been trying for eight months to find new investors and to restructure the company in order to avert this step. Founded in 2014, the company with 18 employees has already raised 3.5 million euros in capital in the past.

Use of the nello one without a cloud is still questionable

Already in the test for nello one the cloud compulsion of the smart door opener had been noted. Nello had justified this against ComputerBase with the fact that an implementation without cloud would be much more expensive, but it was only aimed at a very small target group, which is why this will not be implemented. What about the smart door openers after switching off the server on 18.10. happened, is currently still open. In an e-mail to customers, Nello says that the company is currently working on a solution that will allow customers to continue using their nello one after the cloud shutdown.

This sounds like a firmware and app update that supports offline usage. However, whether this is ready in time and now can be implemented so quickly, is currently still open. If no update is available, can nello one after 18.10. do not use anymore.

Unfortunately we are forced to operate the nello server on 18.10. so that your nello one will only work until then. This happens in the light of the fact that we have not been able to find any investor or buyer to invest in the further development and maintenance of nello in the past 8 months despite great efforts.


In order to be able to continue using your nello one, we are currently working on a solution that we will be presenting shortly.


Nuki opener as an alternative

Nuki has recently launched a competing product, the Nuki Opener, which basically has the same functionality for opening the front door via the intercom as nello one. In the fight for customers now at least one competitor falls away.

ComputerBase thanks the reader kryzs for the reference to this message.


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