nello one: Cloud door opener opens the door to strangers after bankruptcy

nello one: Cloud-Türöffner öffnet nach Insolvenz Fremden die Tür

nello one: Cloud door opener opens the door to strangers after bankruptcy

At the end of October 2019, the rescue of the smart door opener nello one was announced, the Italian company Sclak took over the operation of the cloud server and announced further updates. However, problems with the changeover of the server and app now ensure that the smart door lock opens to everyone when the doorbell rings.

ComputerBase has received support emails that confirm the problem. Accordingly, the smart door lock nello one always opens the door when the doorbell rings – regardless of whether the owner is at home and the smartphone with the nello app is within reach. Activating the geofencing function and changing the settings such as the radius and then deactivating the function sometimes remedies the problem, but is not a guarantee.

The necessary app update is delayed

The problems have been occurring since the beginning of January 2020 and are known to Sclak support. Upon request, the support points out that it cannot currently be guaranteed that only authorized persons will open the door. Work on the cloud servers has now been completed, but a new app update is still pending. The problems should only be completely eliminated with this app update and only then can safe operation be guaranteed again. However, the operator cannot yet say when this will be available because it will be unexpectedly delayed. However, after the takeover of nello, they are working flat out on it.

Reinstallation should remedy the situation

In the meantime, the support advises affected customers to go through the entire setup process of the nello one again, so that the problem can be solved according to current knowledge.

Customers who are affected by the problem, however, not only have a queasy feeling until the app update that their smart door lock opens the door to the wrong person when in doubt.


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