Netflix +18 content can be protected with the parent-defined PIN

Netflix's stocks also lost value as they failed to meet their targets

One of the world's largest digital broadcasting platforms Netflixhas announced a new feature to help parents control what their kids are watching. Consequently +18 contents of Netflix, can be protected by the PIN code set by the parent.

The explanation of Netflix is ​​as follows:

At Netflix, we offer parents the ability to control the productions their kids watched for years. But then, we decided on the conversation we had with the authorities to strengthen the parental control we offer in Turkey. From now on, our members will have the opportunity to protect productions whose adult age is 18 years old or older with a PIN code. We apply these applications and similar applications in different parts of the world. Our goal is to protect our children from inappropriate content while still offering creative freedom.

You will remember, operating in Turkey in recent months came RTÜK control of the digital broadcast platform and the platform was intended to be affected by these controls. Although the fear has not yet occurred, it can be said that Netlix has taken such a precaution.

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