Netflix comes with vibration when watching movies and series

Netflix comes with vibration when watching movies and series

Digital publishing platform Netflixaims to make the content more exciting with the features it plans to integrate into its mobile applications. Because the platform, in the coming days A feature that will cause phones to shake mobile applications. Any explosion, especially when watching movies or series together, may start to shake your phone in the crash scene. However, whether or not the feature has been added to the application is not exactly certain.

Many of us are familiar with games, as many of Netflix's possible new features. You've seen the game console shake many times, especially when the movement is intense, and Netflix doesn't offer any different innovation. Netflix plans to release this feature if the realization, the series and film industry for the first time we can say that such an application. In short, in the face of increasing digital broadcasting competition, Netflix is ​​trying to attract the attention of users from all walks of life in order to maintain its superiority. For this project, Netflix content Immersion Corporation technology is synchronized with tactile effects.

Although it is remarkable that there is a flicker during the monitoring process, it is not yet clear what solutions will be offered for notifications at the same time. Also, if you don't want the feature to be found, there will be no shutdown button, which is another matter.

Regardless of the outcome, we cannot ignore that Netflix is ​​trying to improve itself in some way. Before that, the platform brought interactive productions to users and received positive feedback as well as negative feedback. Let's see, if activated, what will the interpretation of the vibration feature be?

Check out the video of the particular Hack Day Spring 2019 below.

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