Netflix Content Manager says Disney + has not changed anything for itself

Netflix Content Manager says Disney + has not changed anything for itself

Ted Sarandos, content manager for Netflixannounced that there has been no change since the launch of Disney + Tuesday. In declaring that they are in constant competition with Disney and the similar platforms that they face from the beginning, Sarandos added that this competition did not affect them.

On Wednesday, Disney + announced that it was exceeding Wall Street forecasts and had reached 10 million members during the first day, bringing Netflix shares back to a record high with withdrawals of shares. Sarandos, on the other hand, described Disney as a great storyteller and a very successful business. Ted Sarandos, explaining that it is a difficult change, Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar like strong brands.

According to Mr. Sarandos, resident intellectual property and universes stored by media companies such as Disney and WarnerMedia could be located at a point requiring a constant supply of new programming for different audiences. According to Mr. Sarandos, Disney is an excellent storyteller, but Netflix prefers to position itself to a different point. Netflix does not wish to be identified only with the series and the original films. This slightly changes Netflix's perception of competition.

The former media giants, who have released high-end platforms such as Disney, WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal, are facing other challenges when they access Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Disney and other companies are creating their businesses by creating and selling their content on other platforms and services such as Netflix. In this new world of streaming, Disney will start selling its content directly to viewers. This raises a new set of problems, such as pricing and speeding up content.

We will learn together how the platforms will overcome these challenges and who will win the competition in the field of streaming.

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