Netflix-like service for games from Microsoft: Project xCloud

Netflix-like service for games from Microsoft: Project xCloud

Both Xbox as one of the major players of the gaming world with its brand name and Windows operating system Microsoftbefore us, with exciting news. In a statement he shared Project xCloudMicrosoft CEO Satya Nadella, Project for xCloud's games Netflix a similar service would be stated.

Just like Netflix, Project xCloud, which will use the image transfer technology over the internet. smart telephone, tablet, Notebooks and your TV allows you to play games without the need for any computer or game console.

Image transfer technology The future of the game world was spoken for a long time. Even last October, you can remove all the hardware and hardware related components from the equation and let you play the latest games via Chrome, which is just an internet browser. Google Project StreamWe told you about.

Available in 2019

Microsoft's Project xCloud service, which targets Project xCloud to create a standard 2019 in the year expected to use. Project xCloud's goal is to reach more players. on the world 2 billion players is the leader of the Xbox team indicating that Phil SpencerSaid they are aware that they cannot sell 2 billion consoles.

The main reason for this is that most of the users do not have a TV or computer, underlining that Spencer, almost everyone smart phone he added. In short, thanks to Project xCloud, you won't need a TV, a game console or a computer to play.

Of course, the only company that will allow you to play with video transfer technology over the internet will not be Microsoft. As mentioned above, Google's Project Stream and Sony'S PlayStation now Services also aims to provide Project xCloud-like solutions.

Verizon and Amazon important companies such as short-time to develop their own game services also occur among the information. At this time, no information has been shared on exactly what date the Project xCloud service will be available. But let us add that Project xCloud is being tested by a limited number of users. Just like Netflix, we will continue to share the progress of Project xCloud with monthly subscription fees.

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