Netflix: VLC and Dav1d bring AV1 codec to the Android app

Netflix: VLC und Dav1d bringen AV1-Codec auf die Android-App

Netflix: VLC and Dav1d bring AV1 codec to the Android app
Picture: Netflix

Thanks to the VLC decoder Dav1d, the Android app from Netflix now also masters the free video codec AV1. Other platforms such as iOS are to follow and benefit from video compression, which is around 20 percent more efficient than the current VP9 video codec. Netflix has now announced this on its tech blog.

AV1 is designed to displace VP9 on all platforms

Accordingly, the streaming service has started to stream the first videos created with the AV1 codec via its Android app. To do this, the option for data economy must be selected in the app. With the regular settings, the Android app continues to use the VP9 codec developed by Google at the end of 2012, which in turn has been in use at Netflix since 2016 and an extension of VP8.

Successor to HEVC and H.265

AOMedia Video 1, the full name of the codec, was developed by AOMedia, the Alliance for Open Media, which, in addition to Netflix itself, also includes companies such as Amazon, Google, Intel and Microsoft, and is designed to compete with patented standards such as HEVC alias Replace H.265 in the future.

In order to decode the video streams encoded with AV1, Netflix relies on AV1 multi-platform decoders Dav1d from VideoLAN and FFmpeg, which is currently the fastest AV1 decoder on the market, as Medium already demonstrated in October 2019 with a series of benchmarks.

According to Netflix, the videos compressed with AV1 are 20 percent smaller due to the 20 percent higher efficiency and save the corresponding data volume of the mobile phone tariffs on smartphones.
Netflix is ​​currently silent about which titles were created with the video code AV1.

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