New browsers: Global zoom in Firefox 73, fine tuning in Vivaldi 2.11

Neue Browser: Globaler Zoom in Firefox 73, Feintuning in Vivaldi 2.11

New browsers: Global zoom in Firefox 73, fine tuning in Vivaldi 2.11

Firefox and Vivaldi browsers both received an update on Tuesday. While the two functional innovations in Firefox 73 will particularly please those who have problems with the standard display of websites, Vivaldi 2.11 revises the pop-out video function.

More zoom settings

Firefox has been able to set a manually set zoom level for every website for over ten years. However, every newly opened website is rendered with the standard of 100 percent the first time it is loaded. With Firefox 73, users can now also adapt this standard for the first time.

The second functional innovation, however, affects those who use Windows in the “high contrast” mode. In this case, Firefox had previously automatically hidden backgrounds on websites to increase readability – websites were cropped. With Firefox 73, Mozilla changes the approach and places text over a background image with a single-colored surface. So the page background is basically preserved.

WebRender for mobile GPUs from Nvidia

The circle of users who use the WebRender introduced with Firefox 67 and accelerated via GPU has also been expanded. The function is now active on the first notebooks with a mobile GPU from Nvidia if the resolution is less than 1,920 × 1,200 pixels and at least GeForce 432.00 is installed. So far, the function was only available on desktop PCs with GPUs from Nvidia (Firefox 67) and AMD (Firefox 68) and iGPUs from Intel (Firefox 70).

Firefox 73 should not initially be used by users who use the 0patch security tool. The current version of the browser then crashes with every start. Only a later version should solve the problem.

Vivaldi in a chrome camouflage dress with a new video function

The Vivaldi browser, which has only pretended to be Chrome since the end of 2019, has again overhauled the picture-in-picture mode for videos. Until now, activating them required several clicks. With Vivaldi 2.11, the change to mode is now done, as with Firefox 71, via a button directly on the video itself.

The picture-in-picture mode for videos is easier to start
The picture-in-picture mode for videos is easier to start (Image: Vivaldi)


  • Mozilla Firefox

    4.5 stars

    Firefox is a free browser of the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, many extensions.

    • Version 73.0 German
    • Version 74.0 Beta 2 German
    • Version 68.5.0 ISR German
  • Vivaldi

    4.5 stars

    Vivaldi is a Chromium-based browser developed by former Opera employees.

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