New Echo and Echo Dot: Amazon's smallest Alexa speaker gets a watch (update)

Neuer Echo und Echo Dot: Amazons kleinster Alexa-Laut­sprecher bekommt eine Uhr

New Echo and Echo Dot: Amazon's smallest Alexa speaker gets a watch
Picture: Amazon

More than a billion times a year, users ask Alexa for the time. Therefore, Amazon donated the smallest speaker of the Echo family, the Echo Dot, a new variant with clock display on the side. The LED display shines through the textile surface and displays clock, alarm and outdoor temperature.

Since this new Echo Dot, which can also be pre-ordered in Germany from today, is also suitable for the bedside table, it also has a snooze mode for the alarm clock, which pauses the alarm clock by tapping on the top nine minutes and then again ring. The new “Echo Dot with clock”, so the name in this country, has a suggested retail price of 69.99 euros.

Echo Dot with clock
Echo Dot with clock (Image: Amazon)

The third-generation Echo Dot without watch, which officially has a minimal lower recommended retail price of 59.99 euros, but is mostly offered by Amazon itself for half the price of 29.99 euros, remains in the offer. Whether there are further technical differences between the two models apart from the clock is not yet known.

New echo gets appearance and hardware of the Echo Plus

Amazon has also reworked the larger echo and packs it in a very similar to the Echo Plus fabric garment and exterior, which has rounder shapes than the echo so far. The neodymium drivers of the Echo Plus also inherit the lower-priced echo, which features a 3-inch woofer. The basses are supposed to be deeper and the treble and mids are clearer than before, Amazon said. On a Zigbee hub for the smart home, the echo but still waive, this is still intended the Echo Plus. Also, the new echo can be ordered from today in Germany, the price is unchanged at 99.99 euros. It is available in black, gray, white and blue.

The last revision of the Echo comes from October 2017, last year, Amazon had just reworked the Echo Dot and Echo Plus.

New Amazon Echo
New Amazon Echo (Image: Amazon)

Update 25.09.2019 21:03 clock


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