New regulation from Apple due to privacy breaches in Siri

New regulation from Apple due to privacy breaches in Siri

After The Guardian's report Applehas shut down his voice assistant, Siri, to his contracted employees for privacy breaches. Although Apple does not explicitly disclose to consumer privacy documents, it is noteworthy that Siri communicates a small portion of its records to contract employees who work for it in the world. These people may be responsible for grading responses to a variety of factors, including whether the voice assistant's activation is intentional or accidental, whether the query is something Siri can help, and whether Siri's response is appropriate.

An Apple spokesman said that they are committed to delivering a great Siri experience while maintaining user privacy, while conducting a thorough review, Siri has suspended this development method on a global scale. He also added that as part of a future software update, users can choose to participate in the rating.

In addition to pausing the program where employees listen to Siri voice recordings, Apple did not comment on whether to stop saving these records on their servers. Currently, the company says it has been recording identifier information that it can store for two years or more for six months. The aim of the rating program is to help improve Siri voice recognition accuracy and to prevent accidental triggers.

Apple reported that when some of Siri was examined, user requests generally did not contain personal information. However, it is clear that the voice assistants who can hear almost any sound are reliable. Because, as you may remember, it was revealed that Google Now has listened and recorded the voices without permission in recent weeks. While we have such an example ahead of us, we can say that it is quite appropriate for Apple to take such measures.

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