Nintendo Switch: EA sells FIFA 19 as FIFA 20

Nintendo Switch: EA verkauft FIFA 19 als FIFA 20

Nintendo Switch: EA sells FIFA 19 as FIFA 20
Image: EA

On the Nintendo Switch FIFA 20 carries the addition “Legacy Edition”. Meant: EA only sells FIFA 19 with minimal changes, in addition to the “latest jerseys and squad updates“Barely more than a new menu and covers include – so old wine in new tubes at almost full price.

The fact that FIFA 19 was in principle only renamed, even the FAQs of Electronic Arts say in comparatively great clarity. FIFA 20 “Contains the same gameplay innovations as FIFA 19, without any new developments or significant improvements“, It says there are”No new game modes or gameplay innovations included“.

There will only be live updates from the kick-off squads, along with updated player data and the new main menu that will make the game visually fresh, at least at first glance. Legacy Edition buyers will have to go without the Volta mode, which allows them to play indoor football, but the extremely lucrative Ultimate Team will be included in FIFA 19.

“FIFA 20” on the switch is FIFA 19 with artificial beard (Image: EA)

Hardly new, hardly cheaper

The switch version of FIFA 20 is currently available from around 40 euros. She should, writes EA, “generally cheaper“Are offered as FIFA 20 on other platforms. This discount turns out to be a reduction of the purchase price by just 10 euros; for the PC, the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, the game costs just under 50 euros. FIFA 19, however, depending on the platform 15 to 20 euros cheaper than the Legacy Edition.

This year's sub-par version of FIFA for Switch is almost indistinguishable from last year's sub-par version of FIFA for Switch, and embodies every bad thing you've heard about sports games recycling their content year after year almost to the level of parody. The lack of addition to the FIFA 20 Legacy Edition is outrageous, even more honest name, and its refusal to innovate on or off the pitch are disappointing, even borderline insulting.


The fact that such a minimal update is sold at almost full price, although it could also be published as a DLC or update, leads despite labeling in the descriptions of the shops to extremely bad reviews, among others Metacritic, Significant words also find reviews of job testers. IGN Judges with biting ridicule that the Legacy Edition embodies almost all the bad that you hear about their content recycling sports games – and indeed “almost to the level of a parody“.

  • Not a shred of effort has gone into anything other than a data update
  • Ultimate Team mode is already flatlining at launch
  • The price is EA's final insult to switch owners

Criticisms of Nintendo Life

The refusal “apart from the new, more honest name“Which makes at least the principle of minimal innovations in sports games transparent to add new or make improvements, is almost an insult. Nintendo Life will be even clearer: FIFA 20 is the “cynical attempt“To end the support for the platform. The “effrontery“Claiming a high sale price as a reward for the absence of any effort is virtually the last slap in the face of the switch owners.

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