Nintendo Switch Mini: Pictures show design without Joy-Con and with D-Pad

Nintendo Switch Mini: Bilder zeigen Design ohne Joy-Con und mit D-Pad

The accessory manufacturer Honson has published on its own website images of a previously unannounced Nintendo Switch. It should be a “Nintendo Switch Mini”, in which the Joy-Con-Controller can not be separated from the console. The shoulder buttons are a bit bigger.

On the overview page, which offers a total of 14 products for the Switch Mini, the manufacturer repeatedly calls this name and says that the bags and screen protector films fit perfectly with the design of the Nintendo Switch Mini. The products, which are currently not available, should be in stock and delivered from next week.

Rumors that Nintendo is working on one or more reworked variants of the Nintendo Switch have been going on for quite some time. At the end of April, Nintendo had commented on these rumors for the first time, declaring that the E3 2019 will not feature new hardware. At the same time, however, Nintendo said that they would work on new hardware and introduce it as soon as it was ready.

Nintendo Switch Mini without vibration and with D-Pad

In March 2019, rumors of a cheaper and a more powerful version of the Nintendo Switch had come up, which would match the now published images of a supposed Nintendo Switch Mini. The lower-priced model is designed to eliminate features such as controller vibration, with no further details known yet, which could save Nintendo to reduce its price.

Unlike the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch Mini also features a traditional D-Pad design, with all four directional buttons connected in a cross. The Nintendo Switch relies on four individual buttons on the left Joy-Con-Controller. This fits in with the fact that there are no more detachable Joy-Con-Controllers, where these buttons can be used individually, if only one Joy-Con is used.

Honson is not a newcomer to the market but has been in the console accessories business since 2004. Also on the E3, an accessory manufacturer has issued a prototype of a Nintendo Switch Mini, which is similar to the model in the pictures of Honson.

Rendering from 2017 feeds doubt

However, in the spring of 2017, a picture created by a user based on the rumors, which shows almost exactly this design of a Nintendo Switch, appeared on the handheld, but with an additional screenshot button. However, it is unclear why the button is missing from the current pictures of the accessory manufacturer when the rendering was used as a basis. The pictures of that time, however, make the current rumors much less believable.

Render image of a new Nintendo Switch based on rumors
Render image of a new Nintendo Switch based on rumors (Image: nintendolife (NeoGAF users jts))

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