Office 365 ProPlus: Microsoft forces users to Bing in Google Chrome (update)

Office 365 ProPlus: Microsoft zwingt Anwendern Bing in Google Chrome auf

Office 365 ProPlus: Microsoft forces users to use Bing in Google Chrome

Microsoft would like to distribute a plugin for Office 365 from mid-February, which makes the in-house search engine Bing the standard search without being asked. The Redmond-based company goes even further and uses an installation routine to install an extension for Google Chrome, making Bing the standard search there too.

Like the American technology portal The Verge reports, the installer of the Office 365 ProPlus variant is affected by the measure and will bring the extension mentioned as of next month.

Office 365 installation changes default search

During a new installation or update of Office 365 ProPlus, the corresponding extension is automatically installed from this point onwards and the associated switchover to the Microsoft search engine is carried out, unless Bing was previously defined as the standard search in Chrome. The company has already officially pointed this out.

Especially with system administrators, this step causes great incomprehension, like a much-noticed discussion reddit shows. The IT professionals believe that the extension should not be installed at all, or at least be optional, while Microsoft claims that it can be prevented or subsequently undone after installation using the Office Deployment Tool. Administrators can also block the installation of the Chrome extension through Group Policy.

Also in Germany from mid-February

The rollout of the new installer, including its expansion, is scheduled to begin in mid-February with the 2002 version in the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, France, India and Germany. By the middle of July 2020, the (forced) changeover should be complete and across all channels.

Microsoft does Bing ...
Microsoft does Bing …
... in Google Chrome for the standard search
… in Google Chrome for standard search

Update 01/24/2020 1:36 p.m.

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