Online gaming service that will turn the game industry from Google: Stadia

Online gaming service that will turn the game industry from Google: Stadia

The Game Developers Conference (GMO), the biggest event in the professional gaming industry, is known as a technology feast in recent years. Technology giant Google 18 March in San Francisco was the name that marked the event. The company announced the launch of Stadia, a live broadcast game service that will break the industry.

We knew that the tech giant had been working on online gaming services for some time. Even so far, the service referred to under the Project Stream. Name of this field, trying to enter this area, the first time in the conference with the name of Stadia appeared. With a great excitement, Stadia can start a whole new era in the game world.

Stada, introduced by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, has never display card and hardware without having to play the game. In addition to users' computers, mobile phone and tthe Ablet play these live streaming games easily.

Thanks to Stadia, you won't need faster, more responsive and expensive gaming computers or consoles. According to Pichai, Google's aim is PA game platform for everyone” create. On the other hand, the time-consuming game download times of users will be reported in history.

In the meantime, some games in the service will be offered in 4K resolution. Stadia is expected to enable users to record their games and broadcast them live on YouTube. Everywhere, service on every platform with the promise of service, can suddenly underline the market. Because, Stadia and Google only not with game console and game computer providers, It will also compete with special video services like Amazon's Twitch.

The use of stadia will of course be paid. More than 100 game companies have developed products in the service, this year first in North America, Europe will meet with enthusiast.

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