Online Soccer Manager: Become the Leader in the World of Football!

Online Soccer Manager is a football manager game from Gamebasics. Game Center and Family Sharing supported game, suitable for 4 years and above and spore In the category.

The pleasure of football to be bought with large sums on the computer, both free and low storage space, allows you to use your individual tactics on green fields. Each league in a day at different times, but every day you will be 1 match. Being champion depends entirely on your football intelligence.

Online Soccer Manager

Open to the World with Online Soccer Manager!

The Apple App Store has 4.6 points and 4.5 points in the Google Play Store. The game features more than 17 languages; is played by more than 10 million users with licensed leagues, teams and players.

Online Soccer Manager gives you the chance to experience the Champions League, Europa League and Entertainment leagues with their current staff. With the explorers you can send to all around the world, the players you can buy from the transfer lists, you can add the football star you want to your squad.

You can use free-kick and penalty to your team's star, you can open the banana middle to your players with high technical capacity, you can give your experienced leader the captain duty.

You can continually train your young players, make them a world star, send agents to your opponents, take advantage of them with more than 20 different field sequences and hundreds of tactical combinations to take all the cups of the season to your museum. The seasons, cups and leagues you won will earn gold for you to use in the game.

With your achievements and gold, you can instantly train your players, improve your stadium, and instantly see the results of the Agent and Explorer you sent, with the gold you earn in the game.

With the Stadium you have developed, you can increase your daily club fund, fold your funds into the Units tab, increase your home win rate and make your players much easier to complete.

Online Soccer Manager

With challenging games, you can protect your tactics against your opponents with challenging matches, and you can increase the level by entering the training camp by using your winning percentage gold.

With teams in your league International Friendlies You can accelerate the development of your players, before the matches, you can find the opportunity to experiment with your players and tactics you stand on the balls you need to use your in-game gold again.

You can entrust your injured players to the Doctors, you can reduce the number of match penalties for your suspended players with Arbitration Attorney.

Online Soccer Manager

Team up and play with your friends!

You can increase your daily club fund with the sponsorship agreements you signed. You can earn free gold in-game or deposit money into the game and accelerate the development of your team. You can also add your friends in the game, invite them to the leagues you play and increase the competition.

You can read the comments of the games played with the Online Soccer Manager Newspaper, the statements of the players who have been transferred and see how many players you have in the corner of the Week. Goals and goals in your league assists you can follow the kings of the current. You can cut your eyes to transfer the most contributing and the highest rated players.

also Online Soccer Managergives you a studio environment. In OSM Studios, Erman Hoca is sitting in the announcing seat in the struggles you will give against your opponents every day.

If you want the application the siteYou can visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store pages or download from the links below.

Online Soccer Manager (OSM)
Online Soccer Manager (OSM)
Online Soccer Manager (OSM)
Online Soccer Manager (OSM)

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