".org" Domains with extension sold to Ethos Capital

".org" Domains with extension sold to Ethos Capital

Ethos CapitalDomains purchased with the extension ".org" from the Internet Society. This acquisition allows the Internet Society to receive a large donation instead of worrying for the future of the .org domain. Because the Internet Society operates as a non-profit enterprise. The public interest registry generated $ 101 million in 2018 and paid nearly $ 50 million to the Internet Society. In 2017, he paid $ 74 million to ISOC.

ICANN has removed all price controls on .org, which makes this deal even more valuable. Although the Internet Society does not wish to raise prices, we can expect that Ethos Capital will attempt to maximize the value of the disk when we think it is a society. private equity.

The Internet Society made the following statement regarding the agreement:

This news has huge benefits for Internet Society and PIR. This sale will help the Internet Society secure its future with more stable, diversified and sustainable financial resources than the present, which will allow the organization to plan for the long-term and advance a vision of the Internet for all. larger scale.

However, it is clear that the objectives of Ethos Capital are different from those of the Internet Society. The latest report published by VeriSign indicates that there are 10 million active sites under .org. On the subject Jon Nevett, General Manager of the Public Interest RegistryThe .org extension is open to all and offers organizations, associations, clubs, businesses and individuals a global platform to better understand life.

For more than 30 years, .org has built an open and secure environment in which different communities can create a reliable online identity and share their ideas freely. In an open letter issued by the PIR, she stated that she did not intend to increase the price of the number of recipients. However, if the rate goes up in the future, this can be a problem for non-profit organizations and other organizations based on low surface prices.

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