Original Apple 1 from 1976 sold for about 500 thousand dollars

Original Apple 1 from 1976 sold for about 500 thousand dollars

An original one brought together by Steve Wozniak in 1976 Apple 1Christie's Auction held in England, 371 thousand 260 pounds, ie, about 500 thousand dollars found buyers. Let's mention that Apple's first computer comes with a built-in keyboard that is placed in a leather briefcase.

In fact, it is possible to say that the last sale price of Apple 1 is below expectations. Because some of the last Apple 1s were more than $ 800,000. However, it is worth noting that these prices have dropped quite a bit recently and that Apple 1, which was sold before, was sold for 210 thousand dollars.

Apple 1, which was put up for sale this month Acquired by a man named Rick Conte in 1977 And in 2009 was donated to a non-profit organization. In 2010, it was purchased for a private collection and finally in September 2014 it was bought by people who are currently selling. The Apple 1 has a lot of accessories.

Having purchased a computer with Apple 1, which we saw was placed directly in the briefcase, the person who bought the computer was the owner of a few Apple operating devices, a Panasonic cassette recorder, a Motorola microprocessor, and more. The fate of the computer was not explained.

At first, 200 pcs of Apple 1 computers are thought to remain 80 worldwide. 15 of the existing computers are on display at the auction.

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