Own productions: Apple wants to bring movies from Apple TV + in advance to the cinema

Eigenproduktionen: Apple will Filme von Apple TV+ vorab ins Kino bringen

A report of the Wall Street Journals Apple plans to release some self-produced movie productions exclusively for cinemas for a few weeks prior to their streaming release date for Apple TV +. With this step you want to win producers and actors from Hollywood who want to see their films in the cinema.

At the same time, the films and actors come through a broadcast in the cinema for awards such as the Oscars or an Emmy in question. For these plans Apple should have won Greg Foster, who led the entertainment department at IMAX. Apple should not go to revenue from the cinema screenings, but to attract well-known people from the film business.

“On the Rocks” should appear in three stages

The first film produced by Apple is the documentary “The Elephant Queen”, which will start on Apple TV + on November 1 of this year together with the launch of the streaming offer. He will also be released in the cinemas to receive awards next year, according to the Wall Street Journal, without giving an exact date. Apple also plans to broadcast the film “On the Rocks” with Rashida Jones for the first time at the Cannes International Film Festival, to then release it to theaters and later on Apple TV +. However, how Apple TV + subscribers respond to these plans remains to be seen and depends on the waiting time that Apple is planning.

Netflix specifies simultaneous start as stream

This step by Apple would stand in contrast to Netflix, because the competitor pursues the strategy that the own productions always at the same time to a possible broadcasting in the cinema the subscribers also over the own Streamingangebot must be available.

EU requirement creates problems for US streaming providers

In Europe, however, starting next year, Apple will be facing the problem that 30 percent of its supply must be European content. A new EU guideline that also challenges Disney + and ensures “cultural diversity” in streaming platforms.

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