Panasonic, Samsung, Sony: Netflix selects the best TVs for streaming

Panasonic, Samsung, Sony: Netflix kürt die besten Fernseher fürs Streaming

Netflix has also released a (small) list of recommended televisions for this year, which should be particularly well-suited for streaming because of their features. These include only devices from the three manufacturers Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. The often praised OLED TVs from LG are not included.

The televisions are rated by Netflix according to how they perform in terms of performance and ease of use. Each year, the requirements for a “Netflix Recommended TV” should continue to attract, the associated logo on a TV should show the buyer that the television has undergone a rigorous review process, which guarantees high performance according to the following criteria:

  • Switch to Netflix within seconds
  • Swiftly switch between different apps
  • Always equipped with the latest Netflix app
  • Access to the latest features for the best browsing experience

Faster, Easier, Better

Netflix is ​​up for the recommendation, but not just for the performance of the TV, and overall, five out of seven rating criteria must be met in order to receive the seal of approval from the streaming provider. Netflix divides these seven criteria into three groups: Faster, Easier, Better.

Always Fresh for updates in the background

“Faster” includes an instant waking TV that remembers which menu was last opened. A quick start of the Netflix app is also part of this group. “Easier” consists of a Netflix button on the remote control and a Netflix icon directly in the start menu of the TV. For “Better,” Netflix includes the newly added “Always Fresh” feature this year, which allows updates to the Netflix interface in the background to reduce load times. Netflix also requires a high-resolution user interface and always the current app.

The TVs recommended this year are from Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.

  • Panasonic: GX920, GXW945, GX942E, GXW904, GXT936, GXF937, GXN938, GXX939, GXR900, GXT886, GXF887, GXN888, GXX889, GXW804, GXM835, GX800E, GX810E, GX820E, GX830E, GX800B, GX820B
  • Samsung: Q950R, Q90R, Q80R / Q85R, Q70R, Q60R, The Frame (2019), The Serif (2019), RU8000
  • Sony A9G / AG9, X95G / XG95, X85G / XG85

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