Panos Panay: The Surface Duo will be offering a camera by the end of 2020

Panos Panay: Das Surface Duo wird Ende 2020 eine Kamera bieten

One day before the market launch of Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3 in Germany, Microsoft's hardware boss Panos Panay once again demonstrated the dual-display devices Surface Duo and Neo in Berlin next year, making it clear that at least the duo still a camera is received.

“A kind of mobile phone” with camera

Microsoft had presented the larger Surface Neo and the smaller Surface Duo in smartphone format on October 2 in New York, but both will not be on the market until the end of 2020. The presented prototypes did not have a camera yet.

However, this does not mean that the finished product also has to do without it. When asked that for many users the camera is the only one in the smartphone these days, Panay confirmed in Berlin on Monday morning that the finished duoa kind of mobile phone” over a “great camera“Will have. For the purpose of secrecy, one could not and would not want to go into detail in this and other points such as the availability of a 5G variant in order to provide the competition with as much information as absolutely necessary. And that's still a lot in the end.

The potential benefits from early involvement of software developers and potential customers would still have spoken in the end for the announcement with a year lead time. In conversation with major customers in the past few weeks, quite new application scenarios have come up, which Microsoft itself did not even have on screen.

These are Surface Neo and Duo

Two hinges connect two LCDs on the Surface Neo and the Surface Duo, and more than 60 hair-thin cables are used. In contrast to the foldable smartphones from Samsung and Huawei, two separate displays are used, not a foldable one. The Surface Neo both displays are 9.0 inches tall, the Surface Duo is 5.6 inches twice – when folded, it comes close to a large and comparatively thick smartphone. It is “the first surface for the trouser pocket“. When unfolded, the Surface Neo has an interrupted display of just under 13 inches, while the Surface Duo is just over 8 inches.

Both sides of the Surface Neo are 5.6mm thin, Microsoft speaks of the thinnest LCD, which currently exists. Surface Neo is 655 grams without the magnetically dockable keyboard and surface pen. The weight and thickness of the Surface Duo has not been mentioned by Microsoft yet.

According to Microsoft, the perfect 2-in-1 is the Surface Neo, because it seamlessly transforms form and function from tablet to notebook and back – more comprehensively than the Surface (Pro) so far with Windows 10 tablet mode can. In addition to the hardware is responsible for a new operating system: Windows 10 X.

Windows 10 X was specifically designed for use on two display devices. And what Microsoft has presented in New York is indeed beyond what was previously known by Windows 10. Also the Surface Duo should offer these possibilities, however on basis of android: The change with Satya Nadella as CEO accomplished new approach, also unusual partnerships enter, here experiences a new climax.

Both devices will only be available for the Christmas business in 2020, and that has a reason, according to Microsoft: The Group is waiting for Intel Lakefield, because only with this architecture, the necessary computing power in such a small space with a long term is possible. But the software will probably need more time, so here Panay brought the developers as a reason for the early performance in the game. Microsoft has not yet mentioned price expectations in Berlin.

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