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The great development of the phones from past to present has been reflected in people’s lives. In daily life, we have not dropped our phones. Hence, hundreds or even thousands of mobile applications have been developed in many areas. At the beginning of these applications developed especially entertainment and game applications are coming. Today, we will give you information about the Peak – Brain Training app, which combines these two categories and promises more.

With the Peak – Brain Training app, you can improve your memory while enjoying the game. Different game modes are offered to you in the game. Your first job will be to start the game by selecting any of these game modes.

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Peak – Brain Training, which manages to reach millions of smartphone users worldwide and is one of the best applications in its category, allows you to improve yourself in many areas. Particularly, focusing, memory development, language skills, problem solving and mental functions in the sense of increasing the users benefit.

There are 15 different categories in the application. The games in these categories are designed to appeal to all ages and professions. You must reach the goals given to you with daily exercises you do in the game. In addition, the performance you show will be recorded and presented to you as soon as you start the game. Thus, you can follow the day to day development.

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With Peak, it is easier to follow your goals with your personal coach. Thanks to this coach, you can learn more about which areas you need to develop and respond to your challenges. Your trainer will motivate you during the day and make you go further every day.

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