Philips Hue Bluetooth: Local control of the light without Hue Bridge

Philips Hue Bluetooth: Lokale Steuerung des Lichts ohne Hue Bridge

Philips Hue Bluetooth: Local control of the light without Hue Bridge
Picture: Signify

That Signify is working on Philips Hue lamps with Bluetooth, had already leaked. Now the manufacturer has announced “Philips Hue Bluetooth” surprisingly for Germany, but filament lamps are not among them. The aim is to make lighting control easier for even more people.

To control the lamps from the Philips Hue Bluetooth program, there is no need for a Hue Bridge anymore, but the lamp and an app on the smartphone are enough to install and control the light. The Bluetooth functionality in the new lamps, however, is an addition, who still wants to rely on the classic control of the Hue Bridge and Zigbee, can do so with the new Bluetooth lamps – you just do not have it anymore.

First with E27 and GU10 sockets

Philips Hue E27 and GU10 lamps with additional Bluetooth functionality are now available in Germany – as Philips Hue White for a suggested retail price of 19.99 euros, Philips Hue White Ambiance for 29.95 euros and Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance for 59.95 euros. Buyers of the new Bluetooth lamps can also later, for example, if they want to allow a remote control or on the move, retrofit a Philips Hue Bridge and connect to the lamps. Then these can be controlled via the app on the go.

Philips Hue Bluetooth

The Philips Hue app has the following features:

  • Turn the lights on and off and dim or brighten according to personal preferences
  • Choose from millions of colors and different shades of white
  • Use pre-set scenes to create the right mood or adjust the lighting to the daily routine
  • Control lighting with multiple users at the same time

Control also via Alexa, via Google soon

Philips Hue Bluetooth also works by voice command. The lamps can be connected directly to Alexa if a compatible Amazon Echo is available. These include the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Echo Plus and Echo Show (2nd gen); further Echo devices will be supported from autumn. Amazon Echo also supports the voice control of the Philips Hue lamps when using a Hue Bridge. Compatibility and setup via Bluetooth with Google Home and Google Nest is still in the works and should be available soon. Until then, the new Hue lights with Bluetooth will only work with the Google Assistant over the Hue Bridge.


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