Philips Hue: New LED filament lamps, Go v2, spots and power outlet

Philips Hue: Neue LED-Filament-Lampen, Go v2, Spots und Steckdose

Philips Hue: New LED filament lamps, Go v2, spots and power outlet
Picture: Signify

Details of new LED filament lamps and a Philips Hue switch socket were leaked in autumn, and the official announcement of this and other new lamps will follow at the IFA 2019 – the Philips Hue Go will also be updated in version 2.

As of today, the Philips Hue range includes, as expected, new vintage-style filament lamps with amber coloration for a yellowish light. There are three lamp shapes available, initially exclusively in the E27 socket version: the classic light bulb form for 19.99 euros, an elongated Edison shape for 24.99 euros and a Globe (ball) for 29.99 euros. The lamps emit a warm white light with a color temperature of 2,100 Kelvin and 550 lumens and are dimmable. Instead of just one filament, two filaments are installed in the Philips Hue filament lamps.

Philips Hue filament lamps

All three new models not only support Zigbee as a wireless standard, but also Bluetooth, so that the control does not necessarily have to use the Philips Hue Bridge, but a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone with the Philips Hue Bluetooth app is sufficient. Other functions besides switching on and off and dimming are possible when using the Philips Hue Bridge, such as timers or on-the-go control.

New Philips Hue Go for more battery life

The portable Philips Hue Go Version 2 has not only increased the battery life from around 3 to 18 hours, but Signify has also redesigned the design so that the cable does not hinder the position of the lamp when charging. Like all other new lamps, the new version of the Philips Hue Go is compatible with Bluetooth. The price of the new version, which can be recognized in the trade by a sticker on the packaging, is 79.95 euros.

Philips Hue Go v2

Switch socket for 29,99 Euro

The already leaked switch socket is available from today for 29.99 euros and allows the control of connected lamps or devices through the ecosystem of Philips Hue.

Philips Hue Smart Plug

GU10 spots and white E14 candle

The new spotlights Fugato and Argenta are also expanding the offer from today. They are available in either a single or quadruple lamp arrangement and use the new GU10 spots from Philips Hue. In addition, a pure white E14 candle from today on the offer, which individually costs € 19.99 and in a twin pack € 29.99.

Philips Hue spots

ComputerBase has received information about this article from Signify under NDA. The only requirement was the earliest possible publication date.


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