Presentation behind Instagram's $ 1 billion sale in 2012

Presentation behind Instagram's $ 1 billion sale in 2012

In 2012, Facebook, Instagramfor $ 1 billion. Founder of Instagram in the days following this purchase Mike KriegerMade a presentation to Airbnb employees explaining the company's growth strategies. Mike Krieger's presentation contains important information about Instagram, one of the social media giants.

Instagram currently alone A value of $ 100 billion is one of the most important companies in the world. We can say that Instagram, which is still in Facebook, was not like this once in every venture. For example; Before the acquisition in 2012, the company was a photo sharing application with 13 employees. Although the acquisition of Instagram for $ 1 billion at that time brought about many discussions, we can say that the company has multiplied this money over the years.

Mike Krieger, along with Kevin Systrom, presented Airbnb's San Francisco office after the acquisition, showing how Instagram was worth $ 1 billion from nothing and how it reached more than 35 million users in two years. .

Krieger and Systrom left Instagram, but Krieger's presentation in April 2012 is still remarkable. It opens a unique window into the company's history and gives insight into the challenges of the process. It also offers lessons to other entrepreneurs on a similar path. We wanted to convey the prominent titles from the presentation in terms of figures.

On the first slide we see how Mike Krieger describes himself.

In the second slide, we take a look at the instagram's first time.

Instagram has reached more than 30 million users in less than 2 years.

The number of users who subscribed to the application from the first day was more than 25 thousand.

The number of engineers on Instagram is only two in 2010.

The number of engineers is increasing by one more person in 2011.

In 2012 it reaches 5.

Even when we look at sample slides, we can see how important time is to success. However, the Instagram example shows us once again that time alone is not enough, and that taking the right moves and user feedback into account is also very important.

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