PUBG Free for Xbox One! Coming Soon to PS4

Microsoft has made PlayerUnknown içins Battlegrounds (PUBG) free for Xbox One today. A full 1.0 version of PUBG for Xbox One, which you can download and add to your library, is ütüph free for a short time Hem. You can play the game immediately You can download it from the Microsoft Store or add it to your library.


PlayerUnknown kalmas Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a survival game as you know. When you jump from a plane to a map with 100 people, you have to kill everyone by collecting ammunition from the environment and become the last man standing.

PUBG desktop version is available from Steam mobile app in recent months it was also on the agenda. Nowadays, Xbox One'da free and come to the PlayStation 4 is mentioned with the name. Very popular game seems to be the target of meeting with players on every platform.

Microsoft pledged “great news” for PUBG fans in the X018 show on Saturday. Apparently, the PUBG campaign is part of this news. It is not yet clear how long PUBG will be free or whether existing PUBG lovers will receive in-game credits to test the beta version of the game in the last year. Normally PUBG is sold at $ 29.99 without a discount on Xbox.

PUBG On PlayStation 4 After Xbox

Microsoft's free promotion came at an important time for PUBG. Rumors have suggested that the game is about to launch for Sony's PlayStation 4 next month. If the reports are original, it means that Microsoft is paying for one year's PUBG privilege. During this year, performance issues have plagued Xbox One, and PUBG currently only has three of the five stars in reviews in the Microsoft Store.

Double Campaign at Microsoft: PES at Xbox One for Free!

You do not know the world famous football game PES’i Pro Evolution Soccer. Microsoft Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 also made it free on Xbox One for a short time. We think that this move is related to the X018 show this weekend. Microsoft will do it when doing full, so that the double discount surprised users. If you wish immediately You can get Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 from the Microsoft Store or add it to your library.

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