Reed Hastings: Our focus is on users and successful content, not Apple and Amazon

Reed Hastings: Our focus is on users and successful content, not Apple and Amazon

Webrazzi Netflix Labs Days 2019 continues in full swing. Netflix CEO answering questions from press members within the scope of the event Reed Hastings, Netflix and the company future plans shared important information about.

Only in the first place DVD submission Hastings, which is a subscription service at the end of a period of 5-6 years indicating that they have started to do streaming. Amazon‘Also starts streaming and competition with Amazon for about 13 years also shared.

Almost compared to Amazon for original content two floor Hastings, who conveyed that they spend more, have 140 million members and these members average each month. 10 dollar they are paying. To make this money happy most true the way spending Hastings also stated that they do not sell the data in any way and they use this data to provide a better service, he added.

Hastings, Netflix also stated that they spend the revenue they derive from their customers in order to create the productions they would like to watch. live broadcasting or ads also said that will not be published. They are new competitors Hastings, and that they will force them to be better shares sharing, Hastings will do their best and strong opponents of the future of the ecosystem, he said.

“Don't focus on your opponents“

Hastings, underlining that there are two important points to be successful, focus on users and successful content produce he said. Stating that you can learn from your opponents, Hastings also emphasized that the company should not focus on its competitors.

Talking of competitors AppleHastings is a great company. Apple's March 25th He added that they will not be part of the streaming platform that they are preparing to promote.

Finally, when asked what the production was watched, it was released on 8 March. After Life sharing the series, Hastings said that the directory was quite successful. With Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings 2016 in the year You can find our interview here.

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