Roblox just won $ 1 billion with mobile platforms!

Roblox just won $ 1 billion with mobile platforms!

Popular online game last August Robloxhas reached 100 million active users per month. we transfer. According to information shared by Sensor Tower, which conducts research on the application, the Roblox game is only available on mobile platforms. $ 1 billion achieved.

Launched in 2016 for iOS and Android platforms, Roblox has generated $ 1 billion in revenue on mobile platforms in just three years. Roblox has downloaded more than 290 million dollars on mobile platforms 677 million dollars Obtained from the United States.

US United Kingdom with 89 million dollars followed. About 75% of the 290 million downloads android platform. However, 76% of income iOS obtained from the platform. In short, although Android users are more numerous, iOS users have spent a lot more.

For Roblox, spending on mobile platforms is increasing steadily every year. For Roblox in the 3rd quarter of 2018 87 million dollar in the third quarter of 2019 on the mobile platforms of the game Roblox. $ 143 million Wasted.

Total in 2016 $ 45.7 million by Roblox in 2018 335During the first three quarters of 2019, 435 million dollar income. Let us remind you that Roblox is not a new game. Roblox was launched in 2016 for mobile platforms. personal computer the version was introduced in 2005 with games.

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