Rocket Alarm to Start the Day with a Space Themed Application


One of the areas in which we frequently use the phone in daily life is alarm applications. During the day to wake up or remember any situation to set ourselves alarms. There are alarms that can be downloaded from mobile app stores as well as the alarms of the phones themselves.

One of the most remarkable alarm applications of recent times is the Rocket Alarm mobile application. Rocket Alarm is a space-themed alarm application. There are several features that distinguish this application from other alarm applications. We will talk about these features later in the article.

rocket alarm watch

First, Rocket Alarm is a free mobile application. You can download this app by visiting the App Store. After downloading this application about 55 MB in size, you can start using it. After downloading the application, open it and click the + icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Select the alarm you will set for yourself using Set Alarm For Me. When selecting an alarm, you can assign a task to the alarm using the Select Mission option. Then set the time and days. You can make settings such as alarm melody and volume after time and day settings. You can then set the alarm by clicking the complete button.

One of the most important features that distinguishes Rocket Alarm from other alarm applications is that it has the ability to set an alarm for your friends. So you can set up an alarm for someone else using your own phone. To use this feature, first click the + icon in the upper left corner of the screen and press For Her + Him. When you set the alarm to yourself, set the alarm after making the day and melody settings. Then click Next button and select the friend you want to send the alarm to by pressing the Send button.

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