SAASPASS: Concentrate on opportunities that competitors are not focusing on in the dynamic market

SAASPASS: Concentrate on opportunities that competitors are not focusing on in the dynamic market

SAASPASS is an identity & access management company founded in 2014. The company provides access to multiple applications with a single password, the management of complex corporate authorization permissions, hardware integrations and multi-factor authentication, working with companies such as Visa, Boeing and NASA.

Selahaddin, one of the founders of SAASPASS, was my guest in the last part of the first season of Glocal Podcast. We talked about its positioning in a fast growing market with its mobile access, multi-office company structures and cloud applications.

Product decisions shaped by strategy

Placing corporate security at the center, SAASPASS enables companies to manage access permissions to the software they use at different stages. As the team grows and the software used increases, the company aims to make this process as complicated as possible, and wants to settle in the center of the process designed by many companies with manual methods and excel.

According to Selahaddin, the task of a CEO should be to decide everything around the product and the vision of the product, even if it is not a direct product. Understanding the customers' needs, problems and partners well and assimilating every point that touches the customer is actually the first step of strategy formation. With the horizontal platform and integrations it has developed, SAASPASS has focused on neglected areas by taking into consideration competitors and changing market dynamics.

The importance of recognizing competitors rather than self

Single encrypted login, authentication, authorization management, and making it available to software developers through APIs makes SAASPASS confronted by various competitors from different parties. Collaborating with all of these competitors at different points in the value chain, the company continues to grow with a platform strategy. Selahaddin deeply examines the developments, segments and products of these competitors and shapes the vision of SAASPASS accordingly.

The main competitor on the side of many access authorization with a single password is Okta, which has a value of 15 Billion Dollars on the stock exchange. Okta offers a password option that is suitable for 6 thousand web applications, while in SAASPASS it is 100 thousand. Recognizing the need for more than one employee to log in to a single account in some corporate accounts, SAASPASS has developed this product, which its competitors cannot develop.

In the multi-factor authentication market, the main competitor is Duo, which is sold to Cisco for $ 2.3 Billion after receiving $ 121 Million of investment. SAASPASS offers 1,700 integration as opposed to 1,100 SAML integration of the company, which stands out especially when considering the internal use of corporate companies. SAASPASS, which is at the forefront in the number of integrations, provides the main differentiation with the methods that work together with the different hardware it provides besides the mobile and computer.

SAASPASS also has functions that focus on software developers and enable different developers to use SAASPASS products. Here it is possible to say that he entered the competition with Authy. But does more integration benefit the end customer?

Hızla The rapid expansion of applications and multi-office structures have increased the importance of authorization management and security. – Saladin

How can a superior product outperform competitors despite limited availability?

Although its competitors have invested hundreds of millions of dollars, SAASPASS has not made it. The company, which has not lost focus on customers and products since the first day, has kept technology at the forefront while its competitors attacked the problems with their financing power.

For thousands of SAML integrations and more than 60,000 application-compatible passwords, it was a challenge to develop and maintain all of them. Thanks to the investment they received, their rivals have managed to manage these processes with their teams. SAASPASS, with its machine learning, developed both password development and automated tests to automate the process of keeping them alive. Scalability, which enables the development and management of this broad product scope, has also been brought.

“All inventions arise from need.” – Saladin

Market growth opens up new areas where SAASPASS can be located

Although there are many corporate cloud software companies that provide similar services to customers, the fact that they are on the market with old software prevents them from entering this hot area. During the same period, thousands of SaaS applications emerged, even a medium-sized company with 250-300 employees was able to use more than 70 cloud software. The geometrical growth of this problem has multiplied the difficulty of management and supervision on an employee basis.

Being one of the first players in such a dynamic market, SAASPASS had the opportunity to differentiate from its giant competitors. With its platform structure, advanced integrations, collaborations and developer-oriented strategy, SAASPASS has also created an area where it can position itself.

Strategy to dominate ignored areas yields fruit

The fact that the majority of security breaches originate from identity and password duplication also shows how fast the problem is growing. The fact that more than one hundred thousand SaaS companies and many b2c companies have similar needs pushed SAASPASS to maintain a structure that would meet the needs of developers.

SAASPASS has created a clear differentiation with its ability to be embedded in different products. The company, which also plays a platform game, has made full integration with the companies that stand before and behind the value chain in the employee authorization market and even offer a part of SAASPASS's product. The ability to work together with competitors was another feature that set the company apart from others.

SAASPASS has participated in many fairs and has made a name for itself in the sector. The company has managed to collaborate with major players such as Google, Salesforce and Office365, and has provided flawless identity and access management to its customers.

Market and opportunity continue to grow

SAASPASS is also an early stage multi-office company. Selahaddin, who has established a dispersed company structure from his offices in the US, London, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Istanbul, explains that he has used this structure effectively and can reach the best talent with solutions that facilitate remote work (such as SAASPASS).

In the past, very large corporate companies need identity management, now even a company with 5-10 employees is complicated by the complexity of the process and enters this path due to security drawbacks. The opening of Ping also shows how hot the market is. The opportunity is bigger than before, and SAASPASS has strengthened the team by incorporating Izak, Salesforce's Chief Information Security Officer. Maybe now is the right time to invest and confront adults.

“There is an explosion in the need for identity management. SAASPASS is trying to democratize these solutions with the technology it has developed and spread them to the base. I am confident that not only the Fortune 500, but all companies will adopt them in the coming years. “- Saladin

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