Samsung Galaxy S10 5G: 5G smartphone with six cameras costs 1,200 euros

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G: 5G-Smartphone mit sechs Kameras kostet 1.200 Euro

Samsung is the fourth model in the series now offering the Galaxy S10 5G in Germany. The smartphone, equipped with a larger display and ToF camera, is on sale at Samsung, Deutsche Telekom and soon also Vodafone – but without the appropriate 5G tariffs. The price: 1,199 euros and potentially with network lock.

On S10e, S10 and S10 +, Samsung today lets the Galaxy S10 5G for the suggested retail price of € 1,249 follow. Unlike initially expected in the spring, it is not a pure mobile service provider device that can not be purchased without a contract, but Samsung also offers it in its own online store.

Telecom and Vodafone version

Nevertheless, buyers have to choose the Galaxy S10 5G (Telekom) or Galaxy S10 5G (Vodafone) even when choosing the tariff option “without tariff”. ComputerBase has asked Samsung if the smartphone is equipped with a network lock (Netlock), which prevents operation in other networks away from Deutsche Telekom or the selection of the other variant away from Vodafone. A statement from Samsung is still pending.

Uncertainty also prevails in the price, because Samsung has announced the smartphone today with a suggested retail price of 1,249 euros to the press, in its own online shop, however, it is offered for 1,199 euros. Here it must be clarified whether the information in the shop or in the press release is wrong. Again, ComputerBase is in contact with Samsung.

Exynos 5100 provides 5G reception

On the technical side, the Galaxy S10 5G is the latest addition to support for the new 5 GHz mobile standard in the sub-6 GHz range as well as via mmWave. In the provided version for Germany with Exynos 9820 SoC, the 5G Exynos 5100 modem developed by Samsung is additionally used for this purpose. For the required 5G antennas Samsung has slightly revised the frame of the smartphone, but by and large the design corresponds to the rest of the Galaxy S10 series.

Samsung Exynos 5100
Samsung Exynos 5100 (Picture: Samsung)

The display is the largest of the series at 6.7 inches, the same applies to the 4.500 mAh larger battery, which can now be charged with up to 25 watts instead of the usual 15 watts at Samsung. In addition, the rear triple camera has been supplemented with a time-of-flight sensor (ToF), which enables video recording with bokeh effect and the measurement of objects via the camera. The front camera has also been enhanced with a ToF sensor, which allows a more precise calculation of depth information. The Galaxy S10 5G is offered by Samsung exclusively in black with 256 GB without memory expansion or dual-SIM function.

First 5G tariffs could come soon

At the Deutsche Telekom, the smartphone should also be available immediately, it can be found in the online shop at 13:00 clock but not yet. According to Samsung, Vodafone will soon also give it the opportunity to purchase the 5G-enabled smartphone. Who chooses the smartphone in Samsung's own online store to buy with tariff, gets the 28 June for both providers as the delivery date.

Even after the end of the frequency auctions, none of the four mobile phone operators currently offer suitable 5G tariffs. When purchasing with a contract, only the known LTE tariffs are presented to the customer. In July, however, Deutsche Telekom could speak for the first time in public about 5G tariffs. On this day, the company invites press representatives to Berlin to “to give a first outlook on the further plans around 5G“. Another potential date for the first 5G tariffs is the IFA in September, at which Deutsche Telekom was most recently represented on a large scale.

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