Samsung: New hinge and larger film to save Galaxy Fold

Samsung: Neues Scharnier und größere Folie sollen Galaxy Fold retten

Two months after the planned market launch, Samsung should have made the necessary changes to the Galaxy Fold in order to bring the foldable smartphone on the market. The changes should affect the hinge and the foil applied on the display. But there is still no exact date.

Samsung's smartphone boss DJ Koh has recently described the miserable launch of the Galaxy Fold as “embarrassing” designated. The company wanted to bring the world's first smartphone with foldable display necessarily on the market. The result was a series of failures of the smartphone at testers due to damage to the screen, which prevented the planned market launch in May.

Components are delivered to the production site

Now Samsung is said to have completed the phase of changes to the smartphone, so that the Galaxy Fold in the foreseeable future could come back on the market. Recently it was said again and again that Samsung will soon announce a new date for the market launch, but it has not come to that yet. Again, Samsung can not yet determine when the launch should be exactly, it says from business circles. Components such as the display and the battery are currently being delivered to a production site in Vietnam. The changes necessary for the restart of the market wants Bloomberg but at least be able to confirm.

New protective film is bigger

What changes Samsung has made on the Galaxy Fold, circulated in mid-May by the rumor mill. Bloomberg now wants to have learned from sources in the company, that in fact the hinge and the screen protective film have been revised. With respect to the film, it is said that this now pulls over the screen out into the frame of the screen, so that they can not be removed. Some early testers had assumed a normal protective film on the film, as Samsung does with the S10 series, but in fact it was an integral part of the screen.

Hinge is higher and provides more tension

The second change concerns the hinge, which should now be mounted slightly higher in order to complete at the height of the screen with the device. This is to keep the film tighter in the open position and less likely to develop a vertical crease over time. By doing so, Samsung could also prevent foreign objects from entering the device. Whether Samsung has also revised the back of the hinge, on the statements of testers according to also foreign body can get into the smartphone, is not clear from the report.

Galaxy Note 10 will arrive in August

In August Samsung will probably not bring the revised Galaxy Fold on the market, so one of the cited employees. At the beginning of next month the announcement of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Pro / Plus is due, which Samsung did not want to counteract with the Galaxy Fold. Accordingly, for the Galaxy Fold remain July or September and the following months. Maybe the company will show the reissue of the smartphone at IFA.

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