Samsung: The Galaxy Fold 2 could become a clamshell

Samsung: Das Galaxy Fold 2 könnte ein Klapphandy werden

Samsung: The Galaxy Fold 2 could become a clamshell
Picture: Samsung

Samsung has shown in the context of the Developer Conference a short video about a possible successor to the Galaxy Fold. The new form factor looks at first glance like a smartphone in the familiar format, but then folds up like a clamshell. The frame is smaller than the first Galaxy Fold.

The Galaxy Fold, which has been available in the second revision since the IFA, could soon allow Samsung to follow a second form factor, either as a successor or as a supplement to the current folding smartphone. With the new form factor of a classic smartphone that folds like a flip phone in the middle, Samsung is approaching developers to discuss new uses. The animated smartphone is still a design study, but Samsung did not announce its imminent market launch.

The smartphone shown in the video sets the idea of ​​a foldable screen completely different than the Galaxy Fold. Where folding the smartphone in the Galaxy fold more than doubles the size of the inner screen, the new variant is initially a smartphone in the classic format with an elongated display that can be folded to half the size if needed. This makes the smartphone twice as thick, but only half as long, so it can potentially be stowed away better.

Display halves do not touch

The big notch of the Galaxy Fold is no longer present in the design study, instead, Samsung relies on a circular cutouts in the middle of the display, as it can be found on the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+ (test).

The two halves of the smartphone are not completely on each other in the new study, so that in the area of ​​the hinge as the Galaxy Fold remains a small distance so that the display halves do not touch. The display is in principle better protected than with a normal smartphone, in the small gap but can still penetrate foreign bodies.

Set up your smartphone without a tripod

Interesting are the potential UI requirements for a folding phone with foldable display. Samsung shows an example of the camera in video mode, in which the live view shifts by 90 degrees on the upper area of ​​the display when flaps. Below are the controls and plenty of unused area that stays black. Here, Samsung's one-UI and app developers are asked to make sensible use of the existing space. If the camera is installed in the upper half of the back, the smartphone could stand on a table so without a tripod about to record videos.

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