Samsung's doing a poor job of keeping updated on the Galaxy Fold

Samsung's doing a poor job of keeping updated on the Galaxy Fold

It's mid-April. Samsung's most innovative and game-changing mobile device in recent years is just a couple of days away from hitting retail shelves. Those who pre-ordered the device are excited and can not wait for the day it will be delivered to their doorstep. Others can not wait to try one out at a local store before purchasing one. And then, it all goes wrong. Reports begin to surface about the device with serious design issues. Samsung decides to postpone it indefinitely, less than a week before it's supposed to make its grand retail debut.

Yes, we're talking about the Galaxy Fold, Samsung's first commercial foldable smartphone (or tablet, depending on how you want to look at it). It's been almost three months since Samsung made the announcement that it is delaying the Galaxy Fold launch (78 days, to be exact). Samsung has done a very poor job of keeping us and prospective consumers updated about when we can expect the Galaxy Fold to finally go on sale ,

Samsung employees have details, but nothing is actually official

DJ Koh, head of Samsung's mobile division, said back in May that the company would not be “too late” with the release of the fixed version of the fold. Other Samsung employees, meanwhile, have said they will be reporting multiple times over the last few weeks. But there's no press release on Samsung's global newsroom, nor is there anything like a website with a countdown to tease us about the fold's eventual return.

Galaxy fold review

Of course, a countdown makes little sense if the company can not fix it. However, there is no such thing as an update on how to do business with the fixes, either. According to Koh, the issues have been resolved and Samsung is testing more than 2,000 units in preparation for the relaunch. But that was revealed at some media outlets in South Korea, not on any official Samsung website. That means many prospective consumers are still in the dark, and so are those who work with and write about mobile devices for a living (like here at SamMobile).

Consumers could loose interest if Samsung continues to stay silent

Now, we understand that providing a concrete time frame would be impossible to do (the latest information says the release could happen in the “holiday season”). If the fold runs into problems nach Samsung brings out the overhauled iteration, it would be a major disaster for the Galaxy Note 7 debacle from 2016. But to simply offer no information via official channels is problematic in our opinion, and the company sees consumers loose Interest in the Galaxy Fold by staying on the mate.

What do you think? Should Samsung have done better with information on the Galaxy Fold?

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