Sarkak rescues server from nello one

Cloud-Türöffner gerettet: Sclak betreibt Server von nello one weiter

Sarkak rescues server from nello one

After the insolvency of Nello, it initially looked as if the smart door opener for the intercom system with the shutdown of the server would be unusable. After the operation was continued beyond the announced end, there is now a new owner, Sclak, who will continue to operate the servers.

As in the past, Nello informed the buyers of the nello one (test) about this by e-mail. It states that Nello will team up with the team at Sclak, an Italian company that already offers smart home products. Sclak will continue the operation of Nello, which will continue to operate the cloud servers, which are mandatory for the use of the smart door opener for the intercom, nello one. However, to ensure that nello one can continue to be used in the future, an app update is required that will be available shortly.

Customer data is transferred to Sclak

What changes this update actually makes and why they are necessary, does not call Nello. However, the update and the new owner will transfer Nello's existing customer data to Sclak, for which the user must give their consent after the app has been updated.

Without consent, nello one becomes useless

If the customer does not agree to the transfer of his customer data to the Italian provider, however, his acquired nello one can no longer be used. The app is then no longer usable. What Nello as “you remain master of your data“Praises, leaves the customer de facto no choice, you do not want to scrape the smart door opener.

Whether or what further changes are made by the new owner is not yet communicated. Whether the sale of the nello one and the development of the functions is continued away from the operation of the server, has also not yet been communicated.

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