Siri: Also Apple stops evaluation of voice recordings

Siri: Auch Apple stoppt Auswertung von Sprachaufnahmen

Apple announced that it would initially refrain from evaluating inquiries to Siri by its own employees or employees of subcontractors. However, this move by Apple has nothing to do with any lawsuits against the company, but rather in response to recent media reports.

In these came first again on the fact that Apple evaluates individual recordings of employees of subcontractors who may also contain unwanted records of intimate moments or very personal information. While these unwanted records do not directly draw any conclusions from the user due to the separation of Apple ID and other personal information, they were highly criticized because many users were unaware of the practice of improving voice assistants.

Configuration profile for iOS stops analysis

A developer had then released a configuration profile that prevented the storage of voice recordings on Apple's servers and asked Apple to provide a feedback form informing customers that they would like an option in the settings to disable storage.

Apple wants to ask for permission in the future

Apple is now the manual, human transcription of some voice recording now initially from around the world and would like to first examine the process itself again. In addition, Apple announced that users will explicitly ask for permission in the future that employees can listen to the voice recording to improve the service and evaluate – for example, to find out what word in an unwanted recording Siri has triggered. Hereby Apple would not only comply with the GDPR, but would be the first provider to ask for this consent separately and not – not very apparent to the user – in the terms of use. Until this is implemented in a future version of iOS, however, the analysis of voice recordings is initially suspended for all users.

Also Google suspends evaluation first

Only yesterday, Google announced that it would follow the Hamburg Data Protection Authority's ordinance against the company in the context of opening an administrative procedure and suspend the evaluation of voice recordings by its own or external employees for a period of three months.

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