Siri can also be used by default in non-iMessage messaging applications.

Siri can also be used by default in non-iMessage messaging applications.

According to Bloomberg, a software update this year, Apple's voice assistant Sirican also be used in third-party messaging applications by default. This feature will be expanded in the future to be able to search third-party applications.

For example, currently, Siri's WhatsApp or Skype If you want to send or call a contact using applications such asSend message from WhatsApp to“Siri, Apple's Apple. iMessage service or phone application by default and sends the message directly as an SMS. However, in the future, Siri will learn and act on what service you choose for each person and what you choose by default for communication.

However, in order for it to work actively for each application, that application developers need to update their applications. Let's specify.

Apple's innovations in Siri are not limited to messaging or calling. We also talked about Spotify support for Siri with iOS 13 recently. Apple Music, which has signed many innovations with the importance given to service subscriptions by Apple, gained Siri integration with the iOS 13 update and it was possible for Apple Music users to play the artists and songs they want directly with verbal directives. The same innovation is now available to Spotify-owned iPhone users. But let's remind you that you must have the latest beta version of Spotify to access this feature.

We hope that all features will be activated for all users globally in the near future.

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