Skype and Cortana: Also Microsoft lets audio evaluate by humans

Skype und Cortana: Auch Microsoft lässt Audio von Menschen auswerten

After Amazon, Apple and Google is now synonymous Microsoft for the criticism, voice input from users of people to be analyzed. In addition to inquiries to the language assistant Cortana this should also apply to conversations on Skype, if they are led with the KI translator.

Audio recordings are being listened to by people

That reports Vice and appeals to discussions with a service provider that provides audio recordings from Microsoft for analysis. The allegations are credible because they can be comprehensively illustrated by screenshots and recordings, so Vice,

Like the other tech companies, Microsoft does not provide any personal data to the service provider, but names, addresses or other personal information may also be found in the recordings in this case as well. The Vice Accessible recordings are usually between five and ten seconds long, but there would also be longer recordings, according to the service provider.

The fact that Microsoft chops and analyzes conversations via the Skype Translator can be found in the FAQ for the offer, which is only available in German as a very bad machine translation.

When using Skype's translation features, collect Skype and use your entertainment to enhance Microsoft products and services. Learn the translation and Speech Recognition Technology Here you will learn, and grow, analyze sentences and automatic logs and all corrections to be entered into our system to create more powerful services. To protect your privacy, the conversations that are used to improve the product are indexed by alphanumeric identifiers that participants do not identify for entertainment.

Conversations are recorded only when translation features are selected by a user.

The fact that Microsoft does not let these recordings be analyzed by machines but by people is not to be found in the FAQ – but it is not excluded.

Even with Cortana Microsoft does not conceal that the entered voice commands to improve the service “used“Leaves the concrete process including the transmission of the recordings to service providers but in the dark.

When you talk to Cortana to ask, share, or activate skills, Microsoft uses your voice data to improve Cortana's understanding of your language and answers. This also applies to other Microsoft products and services that use speech recognition.

In the privacy settings for the Microsoft account, Microsoft then speaks of collecting and saving audio recordings and allows users to view and delete the history.

Microsoft still considers the process transparent

Microsoft refers to its own approach Vice as transparent, the user's privacy is always in the foreground and only with his consent would the storage and analysis take place. However, the company will continue to review the process to provide users with strong data protection. The Microsoft remains at the current approach, it should be excluded.

For now, Google has stopped human evaluation of Google Assistant transcriptions that are recorded on Smartphones or Google Home when requesting Voice Assistants, as well as for human evaluation of commands to Apple Siri. And at Amazon, the human evaluation of the Alexa inputs in the future can contradict in the settings.


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