Smart Hafiz; Standard Toys . . Today, doing anything must be all smart. In fact, have

Smart Hafiz; Standard Toys
Today, doing anything must be all smart. In fact, choosing toys for children as much as possible should be a rule, yeah …
Like Smart Hafiz, bro. God willing, the world of the Hereafter is valid. ?

Fill in a Smart Hafiz package
1. Smart Hafidz
2. 2 mics
3. Remote
4. USB cable
5. Manual book
6. Warranty card

1. Sing A Song
a. BADANAMU 44 audio video songs
b. SONG 37 Muslim children's songs (audio Video)
c. YUKS NGAJI (juz 30) 2 little qori (farid and mila) 1 method maqamat (hj. Maria Ulfa)
d. ADZAN (With 7 Maqam, 1 morning call to prayer, iqomat)
e. ASMAUL HUSNA (humming)

2. Reciting yuks
a. The al qalam method (there are 17 sub menus, starting from the introduction of hijaiyah letters to getting to know the readings in the fawati's suwar)
b. Murottal 30 juz (must be with usb)
c. Names of the Prophet (audio visual)
d. Dai cilik (tausyiah from Dai cilik Aisyah (3 material) and Fuadi (3 material)

a. Islamic holidays (7 audio video stories) such as AMP
b. Islamic trail (15 cities around the world)
c. 60 stories of the Sirah nabawiyah (about 4-5 minutes) journey before the Prophet Muhammad was born, until he died (audio visual)
d. Hafidz and Hafidzah Umroh (31 minutes of Hajj and audio visual Umrah rituals)
e. Story of 25 Prophets
f. Heron Caliph (9 minutes)

a. Pre Scholl animation (9 movies start from color recognition, letters, numbers, learning to read, counting, archipelago songs, national compulsory songs)
b. Educational animation (6 stories, starting from animal recognition, learning English, children's songs to wake up, my balloons etc.)
c. Diva the series (must be with USB)
d. Series of worship (7 moral stories, learning worship, jurisprudence, purification, reciting)

5. Praised morality (9 moral stories in daily life)

6. Others
a. Alqalam products (10 product videos) hmmmm can be cross selling
b. Usage manual (how to use SH video, remote use video)
c. Recording
d. Record results
e. Music download (use USB)
f. Movie download (use USB)

The sound quality is very clear and loud, helping children memorize well.

Don't forget, Bun, always monitor the timeline screen ?.
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