Smart Home Statistics: Light and weather stations in Germany ahead

Smart-Home-Statistik: Licht und Wetter­stationen in Deutschland vorn

Smart Home Statistics: Light and weather stations in Germany ahead
Picture: Conrad Connect

In a statistics of usage data, Conrad Connect has published a statistic that shows which devices and what their own users are using the Smart Home platform in Germany. By far the leader in the smart home is the lighting control system with almost 66,000 units.

This is more than a third of the approximately 190,000 devices registered on the platform. A closer look at the data shows that users are not just using their smart lights as simple light sources, says Andreas Bös, vice president of Conrad Connect. But about 18 percent of users can also be notified, for example, by text message, e-mail or via the dashboard of Conrad Connect, as soon as a lamp goes on or off. These notifications can be used, for example, when a motion detector registers a movement and then turns on a connected lamp. Around ten percent of users have also linked their bulbs with a weather station, for example to adjust the light to the weather or the air quality, to be informed about good or bad times for airing.

Smart sockets only in sixth place

In second place are weather stations with 28,555 registered devices, which corresponds to nearly 15 percent of all devices. Third place goes to remote controls, behind which hide, for example, switches and so-called smart buttons. Fourth place is occupied by devices for smart heating control, and fifth with 11 percent and 21,000 devices from the field of security (cameras and alarm systems and sensors) is still frequently and around twice as common as smart sockets in sixth place.

Frankfurt in front of Munich and Hamburg

Germany's most smart home devices are registered in Frankfurt am Main. Here, at the time of the analysis in October 2019, more than 25,000 smart devices were registered. This is followed by Munich (19,065 devices) and Hamburg (19,056 devices). In Berlin, only 12,268 smart devices are registered. Stuttgart is in fifth place behind the capital in fifth place (4,116 units).

Sample only with clear assignments

Via Conrad Connect, Smart Home devices can be networked in multi-vendor projects, even if they use different wireless standards and base stations. In total, more than 500,000 devices from over 100 different manufacturers are registered on Conrad Connect. Growth in the Smart Home segment is also reflected in the fact that around 1,000 new devices are registered every day. For the statistics, Conrad Connect used an anonymous sample of 192,593 devices, in which the devices can be clearly assigned to a smart home category. For example, if it was not clear whether a motion detector was used for the security or lighting of a room, it was not included in the analysis.


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