Smartphone Market: First Growth in 2 Years by Huawei and Samsung

Smartphone-Markt: Erstes Wachstum in 2 Jahren durch Huawei und Samsung

Smartphone Market: First Growth in 2 Years by Huawei and Samsung

Samsung and Huawei are more than compensating Apple's drop in smartphone shipments, with the sector returning to growth for the first time in two years in the third quarter of 2019. In total, over 352 million smartphones have been sold in the last three months.

Samsung's and Apple's figures for the third and fourth quarters of 2019, respectively, published in parallel to today's report by Canaly, underpin the picture of the market as a whole. These see an upward trend, which is however driven not only by the manufacturers known in this country, but also the Asian companies. Huawei, however, takes a special role here. Because deliveries increased within a year by 29 percent or nearly 15 million smartphones – with these growth rates, no other manufacturer can keep up.

Huawei grows the most, but …

But how it goes on with Huawei, is questionable. Flagship smartphones, such as the new Huawei Mate 30, will not succeed in Europe and the US without Google services. The Chinese mass market will be the first address for these devices as well as all others. Because especially in the local business Huawei is more and more in demand and Samsung should sooner or later have caught up in the global statistics. According to a separate analysis by Canalys, Huawei in China even grew 66 percent in the third quarter, while all other traditional manufacturers lost.

Huawei's growth in China
Huawei's growth in China (Image: Canalys)

Samsung wins, Apple loses

The industry giants of the western world are split this quarter. Apple had to struggle with weakening sales figures, especially the older iPhone generation, the new series should sell better, especially thanks to the cheaper iPhone 11 (test) again. But this came on the market too late in the third quarter, in order to influence the numbers still positive, so that in the end a decrease of seven percent in the number of units is reported. In Apple's quarterly report, this expressed by nine percent decline in sales.

Samsung, on the other hand, was able to increase its sales by significantly improving sales of the new Note 10 (test) and the mid-range, especially the A-series. Nearly 80 million smartphones mean an increase of 11 percent over the previous year.

Xiaomi and Oppo are a little off the mark in the year, winning one, the other losing slightly, and both end up with just over 32 million units sold, at about nine percent market share. As the numbers from China show, their business is mainly there – and there they come under strong pressure from Huawei. Xiaomi is currently trying more and more to gain a foothold in Europe, Oppo is not available in this country in the regular trade and is currently focusing on the Asian market.

Smartphone sales figures in Q3 / 2019
Smartphone sales figures in Q3 / 2019 (Image: Canalys)

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