Smartphone sales figures: Apple is the weakest market to bother the most

Smartphone-Absatzzahlen: Apple macht der schwache Markt am meisten zu schaffen

New sales figures for the smartphone market, with a minus of 2.3 percent, suggest a saturated market with lower demand for new devices. Samsung tops the list with the most smartphones sold and the largest market share, while Apple lost the most with over 18 percent.

333.2 million smartphones are due to be discontinued by IDC in the second quarter of 2019. This represents a decrease of 2.3 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. The decline is thus slightly higher than in the comparison of the second quarter of 2018 to 2017, when the minus was 1.8 percent. A year ago, according to the old figures, in the second quarter of 2018 342 million smartphones had been discontinued (now corrected to 341.2 million), while in 2017 IDC said 348.2 million smartphones were sold.

Samsung is successful with Galaxy A

Samsung remains the leader with 71.5 million devices and a market share of 22.7 percent. While demand for the flagship Galaxy S10 series is declining, as the company confirmed yesterday to announce the quarterly figures, the smartphones of the Galaxy A series sell well according to the manufacturer.

Huawei remains strong despite US conflict

Although Huawei has to accept a slight decline of 0.6 percent from quarter to quarter, the trade conflict with the US has so far not affected the figures. With 58.7 million smartphones, the plus is 8.3 percent compared to last year. In terms of market share Huawei has also expanded its position with 17.6 percent. With 36.4 million smartphones, Huawei's China business is currently the most important.

Apple sells 7.5 million fewer smartphones

Big loser is Apple with a decrease of 18.2 percent to just 33.8 million smartphones. That the iPhone loses its importance on its own, Apple's current quarterly figures showed yesterday. However, as a central pillar of Apple's ecosystem, the product remains extremely important as it is at the center of many of Apple's services. The number of iPhone users is still growing steadily, as IDC notes.

Xiaomi feels Huawei's market power

Xiaomi is stagnating with a decline of 0.2 percent, which is mainly due to the China business, where the company is experiencing stronger pressure from Huawei, which has recently focused more on the domestic market. In India, on the other hand, the business for Xiaomi is supposed to run brilliantly on the basis of a good mix of online and offline trading.

Oppo sets focus on Asia-Pacific region

Three quarters of Oppo's 29.5 million deliveries, which account for 8.9 percent of the market, are in the Chinese and Indian markets. The Asia-Pacific region is also gaining in importance for Oppo, now that Huawei is again showing more presence in China. Here, too, the market power of the second largest smartphone provider, who has successfully put pressure on Oppos Reno series with the P series and has reduced the sales figures. With the smartphones A9 and K3, Reno according to IDC, however, had success.

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