SmartThings: Samsung Brings Smart Home System to Germany (Update)

SmartThings: Samsung bringt Smart-Home-System nach Deutschland

Samsung is bringing its own smart home system to Germany this year. The hardware components for smart hubs, sensors and control devices will also be available in Germany from September – just in time for the IFA 2019. In 2014, Samsung had acquired the smart home startup from California.

SmartThings not only complements the already available Samsung products and is controllable via voice over Bixby on Galaxy smartphones or TVs from Samsung, but is also compatible with selected products from other vendors such as motion sensors from Fibaro. An overview of supported products is available on the SmartThings website.

Zigbee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth are supported

Samsung offers an open partner network and supports several smart home standards via the central office. The SmartThings Hub V3 supports ZigBee 3.0, Z-Wave and Bluetooth Low-Energy protocols. Control is via the SmartThings app via smartphone, tablet, Smart TV or Family Hub. Control via voice command via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is also possible.

With the SmartThings Wi-Fi Hub, Samsung offers the same smart home control options as the Hub, plus a wireless router function. Thanks to its mesh functionality, in conjunction with other SmartThings Wi-Fi hubs, it enables widespread WLAN coverage.

Samsung SmartThings

With a switch and smart sockets you can control connected devices. The sockets also record the power consumption of connected devices. As a Zigbee component, which also spans a mesh network, they also increase the range of the smart home network. A safety system can be set up via motion sensors and a door-window contact. The motion sensor from SmartThings also senses temperature fluctuations. A moisture sensor that detects leaking water completes the new SmartThings sensors.

Availability and prices

SmartThings products are expected to be commercially available from September 2019. Of the
SmartThings Hub V3 will cost 89.99 euros, the SmartThings Wi-Fi hub 139.99 euros. The suggested retail price of the SmartThings Motion Sensor is 29.99 euros, the SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor (door-window contact) as well as the switch and the water sensor also costs 29.99 euros each. The smart socket beats, however, with 44.99 euros to book.

Update 12.07.2019 19:42 clock

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