Snapchat's deepfake feature launches Cameo

Snapchat's deepfake feature launches Cameo

Snapchat will launch the Cameos Deepfake feature on Dec. 18, allowing users to add their own faces to videos. Cameos, based on Snapchat's Bitmoji feature, are described as the easy way to place your own face in GIFs with deepfake.

To use Snapchat's Cameos feature, you must first take a selfie via the Snapchat app. With this selfie, your character in the video is determined. Then you can choose between 150 videos produced by Snapchat and put your own face in these videos.

After placing your face in the videos, let Snapchat play with your photo and insert new facial expressions. Mimics may vary depending on the content of the video you select, and some may laugh while others sleep.

Snapchat has managed to maintain its uniqueness by combining its social networking infrastructure with technologies that generate sound. The application has up to now hosted many technologies, from augmented reality to bitmoji, from geolocation to payment methods. Snapchat, which brings temporary content to the social networking ecosystem with its story format, is the first time that Deepfake has integrated a social networking application.

With this new feature, Snapchat has managed to differentiate itself from Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, and has tested cameos with users selected in international markets for quite some time. The company will open the feature to iOS and Android users around the world on December 18th.

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