Snapdragon 865: Qualcomm offers Adreno GPU drivers in the Play Store

Snapdragon 865: Qualcomm bietet Adreno-GPU-Treiber im Play Store an

Snapdragon 865: Qualcomm offers Adreno GPU drivers in the Play Store

With the Snapdragon 865, Qualcomm is making its GPU driver for the integrated adreno graphics unit available for the first time via the Google Play Store. So optimizations for games faster and new graphics settings can be offered. But also in the area of ​​safety, the new model has an advantage.

Qualcomm's announcement states that the “Adreno Updateable GPU Drivers” can be downloaded directly from an App Store, provided they are provided by the smartphone's OEM. Accordingly, Qualcomm does not directly offer the Adreno driver in the Google Play Store, for example, but the manufacturer of the smartphone now has this option. Qualcomm also does not explicitly mention the Play Store as a source, so the drivers can also be offered in alternative stores. Huawei and Samsung operate their own stores. Implementation details will be shared by ComputerBase during the Snapdragon Tech Summit.

Updates for new AAA games like the desktop

With this new approach graphics optimizations for current games can be offered faster. In the desktop environment, it is a tradition for AMD and Nvidia to release customized drivers for new AAA titles to optimize performance. In the smartphone environment, something similar could become established.

Details are missing, but according to Qualcomm players with an App Store variant of the driver can also make settings on the GPU and special settings per game.

Faster security updates

Qualcomm or the smartphone manufacturer could make quick adjustments in the area of ​​security with an updateable GPU driver via the Play Store. In the past, driver updates due to security vulnerabilities were a regular feature of the monthly Android security patches. Here, OEMs could drive a faster rhythm with the new driver and close vulnerabilities through the Play Store.

ComputerBase has received information about this article from Qualcomm in advance and as part of a manufacturer's event on Maui under NDA. The costs for arrival, departure and hotel were borne by Qualcomm. There was no influence of the manufacturer or a reporting obligation.

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