“Sonic The Hedgehog”: Jim Carrey chases the hedgehog cartoon

"Sonic The Hedgehog": Jim Carrey chases the hedgehog cartoon

“Sonic The Hedgehog”, the blue cartoon hedgehog in red sneakers, actually looks more like a cat. But too bad. Like Super Mario and Pac-Man, Sonic The Hedgehog is a pop culture figure who has met everyone somewhere – even if you have nothing to do with video games. You just know Sonic!

For the first time, the SEGA mascot ran at a breathtaking pace in 1991 with its own video game “platform game” for the game console SEGA Mega Drive. The game Japan was so successful around the world that Sonic later appeared in cartoons, comics and many other derivative products. Now Sonic has also made it a real film. Play the ultimate opponent of the cartoon hedgehog Jim Carrey like Dr. Ivo Robotnikwho only later played Dr. Eggman was called.

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