Sony: The PlayStation Vita has been officially discontinued

Sony: The PlayStation Vita has been officially discontinued

Sony has also discontinued the latest models of PlayStation Vita in Japan, ending Sony's handheld game console. Sony has declared the deliveries of the PlayStation Vita officially over.

Until recently, Sony had still offered the two models PCH-2000 ZA 11 and PCH-2000 ZA 23, from the year 2013 and 2015. About sales figures of the last models, however, nothing is known. But with PlayStation Vita launching at the same time as the smartphone launch, and the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation Vita is unlikely to have sold.

The slow death of the PlayStation Vita

In early 2015, Sony had initially disabled the PS Vita apps for YouTube and Maps.
Already in the fall of 2015, Sony had announced that the game studios of the manufacturer of the PlayStation Vita itself will no longer produce games for the mobile game console. Important in-house developments and exclusive games as a draft horse should therefore no longer exist. In mid-2017 Sony had discontinued the streaming service PlayStation Now on the PlayStation Vita. Over the years Sony has also castrated its ambitious technology from an OLED display to an LCD and taken the 3G variant out of the sale.

The end of portable Sony game consoles?

The PlayStation Vita was released at the end of 2011 in Japan and at the beginning of 2012 in the US and Europe. In the middle of last year, Sony had suggested in an interview to Bloomberg that they have not fully written off the handheld market and portable game consoles. In late 2018, a patent application for a new cartridge was also known. Whether this should serve as a game medium for a PlayStation Vita 2, however, was still controversial at that time. Whether the end of the PlayStation Vita means that the plans have changed or there will still be a successor is, however, unknown – probably a PlayStation Vita 2 does not currently appear.

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