Sony Walkman celebrates its 40th anniversary

Sony Walkman celebrates its 40th anniversary

Listening and watching habits are changing day by day with developing technology. Although analog methods are partially preserved in the monitoring section, it is possible to say that the habit of listening to music changes almost completely if we leave the archivists. In the past, recordings, cassettes, CDs were all around us and now we even left mp3s behind and started to use streaming services.

Although digital streaming services are an important development of our era SonyWalkman was a significant innovation for the late '70s and early' 80s, and we can even say that Walkman has shaped today's listening habits.

Sony, July 1, 1979He led a revolution in the field of music listening and introduced his first Walkman. The company is the first real portable music player, iconic Walkman TPS-L2 ’Before launching, boomboxes and portable radios have been on the market for some time. However, the launch of the first Walkman was an important era for those who listened to music away from home. Although we have stopped using the Walkman in 40 years, we can say that its effects continue.

We no longer use cassettes or CDs. Almost every mobile device we carry allows us to listen to thousands of songs and watch videos all over the world. However, being able to listen to our favorite songs on the move and not to expose everyone near to our music started with Walkman.

Walkman, through the years Discman CD player models and MiniDisc players and the more modern portable media player devices Sony still sells, and with advancing technology it will continue to emerge in a different form each time. As a result of the changes that Walkman has created in our lives for 40 years, we can say this; our relationship with both music and technology is still the same. At one point, we owe it to the Sony Walkman, which was released 40 years ago. Happy birthday Sony Walkman!

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