Spotify's paid users reached 108 million

Spotify's paid users reached 108 million

Digital music streaming platform Spotifytotal monthly paid users 108 million It reached. Spotify's total number of users is 232 million. Spotify said that 232 million people were using their services for at least a month, an increase of 31 percent, he said.

Paying subscribers include users who benefit from Spotify's 30-day trial. In addition, we remind you that Spotify recently launched a campaign that offers access to premium service for $ 1. This helps explain the increase in the number of paid subscribers.

Although Spotify's number of users has increased, revenue per user has decreased by 1 percent. Spotify, however, said that by the end of September, they wanted to reach between 110 million and 114 million subscribers, while at the same time they wanted to reach 240 million active users.

Spotify's biggest competitors 60 million subscribers of Apple Music Features. This means that Spotify is being preferred more by a serious margin all over the world. We are looking forward to opening YouTube Premium recently and receiving positive feedback from the user, which will change the balance in the future. In addition, changes to iOS 13 and Apple Music may cause the above mentioned numbers to change.

Despite all this, it will not be wrong to say that Spotify has a significant number of paid users.

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